Five Tips For a Book Selling Business

The book selling business is growing as people try to find ways to supplement their income. If you were one of the people hit in the great layoff of this economic crisis you may be trying to find a way to create a business of your own and are looking at starting a book selling business. sell business

No matter where you are in the process of creating your business there are always things you will need to do to make your business a success. Consider these five handy tips that will speed you along the way:


  • The first tip for any person starting out in a business is to do it right to begin with. Decide what type of entity you will be creating for your business and get all the paperwork done to make you a legal business. Whether you want to run a sole proprietor ship or a corporation, there are federal regulations you must adhere to, know what they are and do them.
  • Do your research and discover where you can find the best books to sell. To do this you will want to first find the books at the cheapest price possible. The best places to do this are book sales, thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets. But, keep in mind the first rule of any business is that you make your money when you buy. If you purchase the books for more than they are worth you will never be successful in the book selling business.
  • Next do your research on where you can sell your books for the highest profit. You will need to research all the online book selling businesses that will allow you to use their sites to resale your products. Not all books are created equally and not all resale places are either. If you sell rare books you will need to sell at a different site then if you sale books in bulk. Your research will be invaluable in determining the right place for the right book.
  • Discover the tools for your trade. You may think you can walk into a store and know which books are worth money and which ones are not, but that is not always the way it is. When you are book selling you will have a lot of tools that will assist you in making the most profit for your business.
  • As with any business customer service will make or break your business. You will need to learn how to handle those customers that never seem to be happy and do it in such a way that they walk away going wow! Repeat business will be what makes your business a success and you can only accomplish that with good customer service.


As you can see if you are wanting to start a book selling business there is more to it than just slapping a book online and hoping it will sell. Take it slow and go step-by-step and you will succeed in your goals.


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